Supplies You Will Need

1. Hangers:

Children's size wire hangers are ideal but any hanger will do. Wire hangers are cheap and take up the least amount of room on the racks. Hangers will not be returned to you but you will be able to keep the hangers from your purchases.

2. White Cardstock Paper:

65, 67 or 110 lb. weight only. Paper must be white or off-white. Regular copy paper will not be accepted because they easily tear and get lost during sales. No tags, no sale.

3. Safety pins:

Must be 1 inch or larger (size 2). Safety pins are used to secure pants and other clothing to hangers and to attach price tags. No straight pins.

4. Zip-ties:

Also called cable ties. This is a nifty little supply used to keep shoes together and to secure tags to large items such as strollers and high chairs.

5. Hole-Punch:

To put the safety pin and cable tie through.

6. Clear Packing Tape:

Used to secure tags to toys, books and large items. Scotch tape will not work.

7. ZipLock Bags:

Used to store books, shoes, socks, hair bows and small toys. The XL ZipLock bags are great for larger items.

Purchase a Starter Set!

You may purchase a starter set of supplies directly from ChickenKidz. A starter kit costs $10 and includes:

50 - Children's wire hangers

20 - Sheets of white cardstock ( prints 240 tags )

20 - Zipties

100 - Large safety pins

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