Be A Consignor

A ChickenKidz consignment event offers Moms an easy way to earn back some of their hard earned money that has been spent on children's items that are still in like-new condition. Unlike consignment stores, when you participate in a ChickenKidz consignment event, you can:

• Set your own prices! ChickenKidz Moms know what their items are worth and set their own prices! This may seem overwhelming at first but we will give you the tools to assign fair and competitive prices to all of your items.

• Automatically earn 65% of your sales. Earn up to 80% by volunteering at the sale.

• Enjoy the day with your family while we do all the work. You do not have to be at the event to sell your items.

• Sit back while hundreds of shoppers browse your merchandise, including lots of Expectant Moms (how many showed up at your last garage sale?).

• Check out your inventory at the end of every sale day to see what has been sold.

• Refer your friends and earn $5 in Chick Bucks for each new registered consignor, up to $25, to be used towards the current sale or saved for a future sale.

• Let us donate your items that don’t sell to select children’s charities (and receive a tax donation receipt) or pick up your unsold items and resell them the next time around.

• Receive your commission check within 7 days of the sale.

• Shop before the general public and score the best deals (Consignors are also the best customers!)

We're only here for a few days in the Spring and in the Fall so the excitement for both Consignors and Shoppers is great. Everyone knows they have to be ready to snatch up that great deal because someone else will be right behind you!